MaxPlay | Volcano 6m x 5m x 4h
MaxPlay | Volcano 6m x 5m x 4h MaxPlay | Volcano 6m x 5m x 4h

Volcano Slide

At MaxPlay, we are thrilled to introduce our Volcano Slide, a thrilling addition to any indoor playground designed to captivate and delight children. As a leading volcano slide manufacturer, we ensure that our slides are crafted with 100% Turkish quality, using robust and safe materials. Our Volcano Slide is meticulously designed by our expert team to meet the highest safety standards, providing an exciting yet secure play experience for kids.

As a reliable volcano slide supplier, MaxPlay delivers these exceptional slides to customers around the globe. Our commitment to superior quality and innovative design has established us as a trusted name in the industry. We offer a wide range of Volcano Slides, tailored to various design preferences and space requirements. By choosing MaxPlay, you are partnering with a manufacturer dedicated to offering high-quality play solutions that encourage active play and imaginative adventures. Transform your play area with our extraordinary Volcano Slides and create unforgettable experiences for children.

This type of slide, known as Volkan Slide, is a type of slide that is extremely popular with children. As MaxPlay, we offer you the production, installation and assembly of Volcano Slide products at the best prices.Volkan Slide is a unique type of slide that adds excitement and adventure to children's playgrounds. It is usually made of durable tarpaulin material stretched over a steel construction. Volcano slides get their name from their cone-shaped structure and the volcano-like image they create while sliding.Why Kids Love Volcano SlidesExciting: Volcano slides offer children an exciting sliding experience as they are higher and sloped than other types of slides. Different Sliding Experience: Unlike traditional slides, volcano slides offer a sloping canvas surface instead of a flat surface. This gives children a different sliding feeling and experience. Sense of Adventure: The height and cone-shaped structure of volcano slides trigger a sense of adventure in children and increase their self-confidence by encouraging them. Social Interaction: Since volcano slides are usually spread over a large area, they allow more than one child to slide at the same time. This helps children socialize and have fun with their friends.Which Areas Can Volcano Slides Be Installed? Volcano slides can be installed in various areas such as outdoor playgrounds, parks, gardens, schools, kindergartens and leisure centers. There are also volcano slides in smaller sizes specifically designed for indoor playgrounds. Volcano Slides for Indoor Playgrounds:Space Saving: Specially designed for indoor playgrounds, volcano slides have smaller dimensions and a more compact structure. In this way, it can be used even in limited spaces and saves space. Safe and Fun: Indoor volcano slides are designed and manufactured with children's safety in mind. Thanks to the soft canvas surface and safety barriers, children can safely slide and have fun. Different Themes: Indoor volcano slides can be produced in different themes and colors. In this way, it is possible to make a choice suitable for the general atmosphere of the playground.Volkan Slide Prices and Installation Fees Volcano slide prices and installation fees vary depending on the size of the slide, its design, the quality of the materials and the characteristics of the installation site. The price of a standard volcano slide can start at a few thousand TL, while larger and customized models can cost up to tens of thousands of TL. Factors Affecting Volcano Slide Prices:Size: The height, width and length of the sliding surface directly affect the price. Larger slides are more expensive because they require more material and labor. Design: In addition to standard models, specially designed volcano slides are also available. Special designs can increase prices as they require more labor and time. Material Quality: The quality of the materials used in the construction of the slide affects both durability and price. Slides with stainless steel construction, high quality canvas and safety equipment will last longer, but their prices may be higher. Installation Area: Factors such as the characteristics of the installation area, the condition of the ground, transportation and installation difficulties can affect the installation fee.MaxPlay Volcano Slide Prices: As MaxPlay, we offer volcano slide models for every budget. While our prices vary according to the features and size of the slide, we guarantee the longevity and safety of our slides, which we produce using the highest quality materials. As MaxPlay, we add value to your playgrounds with volcano slides that we design by prioritizing children's safety and fun. Our volcano slides, which we offer in different sizes and colors, provide an unforgettable play experience while developing children's imagination and motor skills.